Life imitates art

...And I'm a firm believer your photos should too. I love my job because I get the incredible privilege of capturing what I like to call "the moments in-between." The secret glance a groom gives his bride when he thinks no one is looking. The dreamy little smiles of a newborn deep in sleep. The unrestrained laughter from an inside joke. That's where the magic lives. I believe these moments define your story--my goal is simply to capture it in a frame.

So, who am I (besides *hopefully* your new photographer)? 

I'm a native midwestern gal. I'll always consider Cincinnati home no matter how far I wander.  º   I'm a Southerner by choice and have been living in coastal VA since 2015. I love the midwest, but I love weather above 70 degrees better  º    I'm a proud mother to one beautiful daughter   º   I'm a sucker for weddings and births. Both never fail to get me emotional, even when I'm photographing them! There's just something about love that gets me every time.   º   Stern isn't actually my last name--it's my maiden name! I began my business prior to getting married in 2019   º   I pump myself up for every session and wedding by listening to my favorite music at maximum volume. I highly recommend it--it does wonders for the nerves! º I choose to see the good in every situation, and genuinely believe most problems can be solved with the right attitude

But enough about me. I want to get to know you! Connect with me today and let's make some photography magic happen.

                             -  Miranda